Sketchbook 796: Francesco and Pierino

sketchbook796FrencescoI met two Italians in the common room of a hostel in Florence. As we sat and watched a diving match on an old TV, and smoked, and talked, I observed their hand gestures with these pen drawings in my sketchbook.

Francesco Kuman has dark, leathery skin and plaits in his hair, he wears lots of bracelets and mementos from his travels.  He sells bracelets on the street and lives in hostels, smoking low quality weed everyday and never eats before noon.  He knows many bartenders and street merchants and has a good sense of humor.

Pierino chain smokes cigarettes in the upstairs common room of the youth hostel where he lives.

Francesco and Pierino, pen and ink. June 2013, Florence, Italy.

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